Unlikely Allies Unite Against Hate

In the wake of perhaps the most controversial presidential election in history, a sharp rise in violence towards minorities is becoming more and more visible. Within a span of three days, two Jewish cemeteries were vandalized; the perpetrators of these crimes are unknown. Though the motives of the vandals isn’t known, the recent bomb threats of Jewish community centers combined with the desecration of burial sites suggests a purposeful targeting of Jews. Amid the aftermath of President Trump’s “Muslim ban,” Muslim veterans are offering their protection to Jewish cemeteries, citing Islam as their inspiration. In addition, Linda Sarsour and Tarek El-Messidi raised more than $100,000 to repair a cemetery in Missouri. The individuals responsible for these crimes have yet to be caught, but this show of solidarity between faiths in such a tumultuous political climate offers several glimmers of hope for a further expansion of the American identity. (Verdis)


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