Despite the Increase in Hate Crimes, Americans are Feeling Warmer About Religious Groups

This New York Times article is about a recently published poll by the Pew Research Center about people’s feelings toward specific religious groups based on a thermometer scale to measure warmth toward specific groups. Muslim and atheists still ranked at the bottom of the poll, but have gotten warmer ratings than they did in 2014 — Muslims, for example, received a 48 versus a rating of 40 from three years prior. A senior researcher from Pew said she thought warm feelings might be a counter-reaction to Trump’s policies. As more hate crimes have been reported recently it’s interesting to see this dissonance. It was also noted that people felt more warmly toward groups when they knew someone of that religion. This is a trend similarly noted when it comes to people’s views on the LGBT community — knowing someone from the community produced warmer feelings. (Jenny)

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