Canadian Woman Denied Entry into the United States

The CBC reported that a Canadian woman drove eight hours to the U.S. border to see her parents and brother in Chicago. She had crossed the border many times before with her Canadian passport without a problem. This time around, she was fingerprinted, photographed, questioned about her religion, terrorist attacks and views on Trump. But why this Canadian citizen? Fadwa Alaoui is Moroccan born, Muslim and wears a hijab. She attempted to cross the border with her cousin and her children but she and her cousin were interrogated for about 45 minutes each. Their phones were searched and they had to give up the passwords to their electronic devices. After the border agents found videos on Alaoui’s phone that she said were prayer videos, Alaoui was denied entry. The agent told her, “we found on your phone videos that are against us.”

“I felt humiliated, treated as if I was less than nothing. It’s as if I wasn’t Canadian,” Alaoui said. (Maryvic)


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